About R.K Capital Holdings

R.K Capital Holdings aims to invests in diverse range of assets including, but not limited to, early stage startups, private equity and public equities.

We're interested in preserving our hard-earned wealth for generations to come.

Who are you?

Kieran is Managing Director of Mäd Creative, Inc. A design consultancy firm crafting digital products for some of South-East Asia's leading companies. His past experience in tech, product design and product management has led him to work with the UNDP Chief Digital Office and join the Blue customer advisory board.

Rose is a content specialist. With experience in a variety of sectors including technology, real estate, consumer goods and more! Her creative flair and love for writing took her to both working within an agency setting to freelancing, all the while maintaining a passion for wellness and sustainability which she expresses on her personal website and Petite Footprint instagram.

What's your investing ethos?

The reason we invest is to allocate resources (capital, time and energy) to improve the quality of life of both ourselves and those around us.

This definition led us to a diverse blend of early stage startup investing, micro private equity, long-short public equities portfolio and more.

We believe that investing shouldn't be complex and hidden behind jargon and complexity so we aim to share our journey in a radically transparent way to help others navigate the noisy world of finance and investing.

What industries do you invest in?

We embrace the fact that the world is always changing. So we're open minded!

In our public assets portfolio, we cast a broad net actively managing a flexible long short mandate dependent on global opportunities in publicly listed equities. Our portfolio and allocations is fully open.

What else do you do?

Good question! As a tiny speck in the investing world, we actively seek opportunities to support ambitious companies with our time and energy by mentoring others. We're constantly working behind the scenes to design new ways to facilitate this.

Building something ambitious? Get in touch and let's chat :)

Where else can I find you?

Kieran's on Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList, ProductHunt and his personal site.

How can I invest with R.K?

Our equity portfolio is fully open, so you can copy and/or get inspired by themes in our real-time equity portfolio. We're actively working towards being able to take on outside capital to grow and manage across different strategies.

As a very early stage family office, our early stage investments are typically sourced from private investment platforms such as Seedrs and Republic. But we are ambitious and have big plans to launch our own micro fund.

Building something ambitious?
We'd love to hear about it. Reach out.